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Roosh sobre o manifesto do Unabomber

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Roosh sobre o manifesto do Unabomber

Mensagem por Joe em 20/10/2015, 23:36

Roosh leu o Kacynsky e concorda com ele, alegando que tinha chegado a conclusões parecidas antes de lê-lo.

Concordo com o Roosh numa coisa: combater SJWs e outras pragas progressistas não adianta nada pq eles são um produto do sistema e sustentados (financeiramente e ideológicamente) por este. Mesmo que vc vença os SJWs, é só uma questão de tempo para que eles voltem mais fortalecidos pq há uma simbiose entre esquerdismo e tecnologia.

"Kaczynski states that leftism and technology go hand in hand, because the collectivism and control that leftism requires cannot be accomplished without technology. The more advances we have with technology, the more it will be used to further progressivism, which includes a decrease in individual rights and an increase in authoritarian state control."

Também partilho com o Roosh o ceticismo quanto ao anarcoprimitivismo de Kackynzky.

"The question we must ask ourselves before proceeding is if we want the system to die or not. Kaczynski suggests that it is all or nothing, and assuming he’s right, we either have to get ready to throw away urban living, industrialization, and virtually all technology, or be reduced to putting out small fires that don’t begin to reverse a worldwide societal decline. As a man who has never lived in a rural setting, I remain undecided about how best to continue.

In spite of my hesitation to hop on board with Kaczynski’s message that the entire system must be destroyed, I am convinced that as long as it’s in place, we will continue to see a neverending drive towards authoritarian liberalism and parasitic globalism that erodes national sovereignty and our individual humanity. A worldwide economic collapse may temporarily bruise the elite and usher in a mini-age of traditionalism, but once the world recovers, they’ll likely resume right where they left off."

""Ain't nothing sadder than an outdoor cat thinks he's an indoor cat."

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